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Devotion: God's Dependability

Lori Haynes Niles

This children's message is aimed at kids in grades 3-6...

Theme: God's Dependability
Text: Psalm 71:3
Preparation: Dissolve 2 cups cornstarch in 1 cup of water. If the "goo" mixture won't form a ball when squeezed, add more cornstarch. The substance will immediately return to a liquid form after each time it is handled. You'll also need a fist-sized rock, a mixing bowl, and paper towels.

The Message: (Gather the children in a circle, give each child a paper towel, and pass the rock around the circle.) As you hold this rock, say one word to describe it. (Shape a portion of the cornstarch mixture into a ball in the bowl. Pass the bowl to one of the children and watch what happens.) When you're given this bowl, shape the goo into a ball. Then place the ball back in the bowl and pass it on. Use the paper towels to wipe your hands.

One of the words we often use to describe rocks is "solid." Is this ball of goo solid? (Let the children give their opinions.) It really isn't very dependable. Listen to what the Bible says about God. (Read the Scripture.) God is often called a rock. Since rocks are solid, what are some things they can be used for? Could the goo be used for those things? Why or why not? If God is like a rock and everything else is like the goo, what happens when we depend on God? when we depend on other things besides God?

(Close in prayer, thanking God for being so dependable.)

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