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Christmas Candy Cane Story

Theme: Christmas

Preparation: You'll need two red-and-white candy canes for each child. Get J-shaped candy canes with one large red stripe and three smaller red stripes.

Message: According to legend, a long time ago, a candymaker in Indiana made the Christmas candy cane to tell the real Christmas story. He chose pure white candy for the virgin birth and to remind us that Jesus is sinless. He made the candy hard so it would remind us that Jesus is the solid rock and that all God's promises are solid.

The candymaker made the candy in the shape of a "J" to remind us of Jesus who came to Earth as a baby and became our Savior.

Then the candymaker added stripes. Real candy canes have three small stripes for the blood Jesus shed for us before he went to the cross and a big stripe for the blood Jesus shed on the cross so we could have eternal life.

(Give kids two candy canes.) Jesus came at Christmas to make a way for us to go to heaven to be with him forever. Keep one candy cane and give the other one to someone who isn't here. Tell that person the story of the candy cane.

Appropriate for use with all ages.

Vivian Jones
San Jose, California


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