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FAITHFUL FACES Kids love The Memory Game, where
you place a bunch of cards face down, shuffle them, and have kids
try to find matching cards by turning over two at a time. (If they
don’t get a match, they turn the cards back face down and the next
person goes. If they do get a match, they get another turn.) So why
not capitalize on this fun game model and reinforce the important
faith faces in kids’ lives? Just take pictures of the kids in your
class, missionaries in your church, Bible friends you’ve been
learning about, families you’re praying for, and people in your
congregation. Then whip up your own version of the game.

Use photo paper or regular printer paper to print out two of
each photo, and mount them on poster board. Run the poster board
through a laminator or apply clear adhesive vinyl, and you’ve got a
game worth talking about. Kids will love finding their friends. And
when they get a match, throw in a little challenge by giving them
an extra point if they can remember who’s on the cards and what
they know about them.


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two to six. You can have as many or as few teams as you have
sidewalk for. Have your kids work together to draw one picture on
concrete that says something about the day’s Bible story. Best of
all, when parents pick up their kids, you get a huge blessing: The
kids tell their parents what they learned without even being
prompted. And for a bonus, take photos of kids and their drawings
for a quick recap to start off the following week’s lesson. You can
even make a Month-in-Review bulletin board starring your kids as
the teachers.


MUSIC FREEZE If you think an hour is a long
time for you, it’s like dog years to kids. They have wiggles
they’ve got to get out. So when you have extra time, turn up the
music and let kids be as goofy as they want-until the music stops.
Then they have to freeze in place. Add a twist by adding a black
light (find black light lamps for $8 and up at online suppliers
such as
Changing your environment is a great break from the everyday, and
it lets kids know that you always have a few surprises in


CLOTHESPIN TAG You can use this game to remind
kids that no thief can steal our joy when we go to the Joy Source:
God. Place the happy face images on the floor at opposite ends of a
play area. Form two teams, and have each team go to one happy face.
Assign each team a color of clothespin. Pin three clothespins to
the back of each child’s clothing above the waist. The goal of the
game is for each team to try to steal the other team’s clothespins
and drop them on their team’s happy face. Play music to signal
“go.” Let kids play for one minute or so, and then turn off the
music to signal “stop.” After a few starts and stops, end the game,
declare the winning team with the most clothespins, and then let
kids get more “joy” on their backs and play again. When you’re
done, remind kids that they can always find new joy with God.


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