Bible (il)Literacy


Are today’s kids really Bible illiterate? Let’s dig into the assumptions and realities.

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“Yes, I know who Noah is.
He’s that boy on TV on that show.”
—Jenny, age 5

“I know Jesus is in the Bible.
I don’t know anybody else.
Oh, and God.”—Lance, age 6

“I’m not too sure about what
the Bible says about how we’re
supposed to treat other people.
I just try to be nice to everyone unless
they’re mean to me first.”
—Viola, age 9

“My dad says the Bible is
a bunch of stories some guys
came up with a really long time ago.
My dad doesn’t believe in God,
and my mom went to church when
she was a kid but not now.”
—Jackson, age 10

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“I read the Bible probably every
week, sometimes more if I have a
problem. It helps me a lot.”
—Katie, age 12

“I like Esther and King David. They
both had interesting lives and I’m
glad God put them in there.”
—Zander, age 12

The kids these quotes belong to all attend Sunday school regularly, come to children’s ministry programs such as VBS and special events, or are the children of church staff. Their words show a wide range of biblical knowledge and understanding—from a near lack of familiarity with the Bible at all to in-depth knowledge of people and events that could rival many adults’ biblical knowledge. A mixed bag, for sure.


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