Best for kids 6 – 9

There are plenty of opportunities to integrate this
super-sized soccer ball into your ministry. Here’s one

You’ll need the super-sized soccer ball along with a small,
medium, and large-sized ball and a Bible.

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This fun variation of the game Tag is a great way to show that
God is always watching us.

Form two equal teams for this game, and split the playing area
in half. Give each team a different side of the game area.
Designate a part of each end of the game area as the “Fun

Gather one team in a tight circle so the other team can’t see
what’s happening, and hand one of the children a small ball that
can be fully enclosed in a child’s hands. Have the child hide the
ball in hand, and have the other children hold their hands in a
similar way so the other team’s members won’t know who has the

On “go,” the children from the circle must walk into the other
team’s Fun Zone and return back into their own Fun Zone. The object
of the game is for the team without the ball to watch closely and
see if they can guess who’s hiding the ball after getting a close

After the kids have walked by, the guessing team gets a chance
to guess who had the ball, then the teams swap roles and play
again. Continue playing, changing to a larger ball every two
rounds. Finally, surprise kids by asking them to sneak the
super-sized soccer ball past the opposing team.

• What made this game easy or hard?
• What kind of things do we try to hide from God?

Read Hebrews 4:13.
Ask: • How can this verse remind you to be honest with God?

Say: Just like we couldn’t hind the soccer ball, we can’t hide
anything from God. God’s always with us. God knows everything about
us, good and bad, so we can always be honest with God.  

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