3 Pumpkin Children’s Messages for Halloween


Check out these 3 pumpkin children’s messages for Halloween.

What’s on your kids’ minds at this time of year? Halloween! What they’re going to wear…where they’re going to go…all that candy.

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For years with my children, we simply avoided Halloween since it was such a dark day to observe. Over time, though, I decided to instead shine Jesus’ light into the darkness.

To help you do the same, here are three children’s messages you can use in “big church” or in any classroom.

  1. God’s Word the Seed” to help children see that planting seeds of faith will help their faith grow. You’ll hide a Bible in the pumpkin so you can surprise kids when you open up the pumpkin and find it. Kids will discover how God’s Word is like the seeds in a pumpkin to help us grow.
  2. Pumpkin Gospel Presentation as a children’s message in big church or your class. You’ll help kids learn that Jesus cleanses us from our sins–and more. This is actually a longer message that could serve as a full lesson. And you need more than one pumpkin for this one.
  3. Jesus in Me, at Halloween to help children understand how Jesus cleanses their hearts. A smiling pumpkin is all it takes to help kids see how Jesus’ work in them puts smiles on their faces.

For full lessons that reveal God’s truth and light, click here.

For snacks and more, go to our Pinterest Halloween page.

3 Pumpkin Children’s Messages for Halloween
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