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  • watermelon
    0 Watermelon Heart Drops

    God’s love is sweeter than ever with these simple, healthy, heart-shaped watermelon slices. A great treat idea for Valentine's Day! Use this …

  • whatilikeaboutyou
    0 What I Like About You

    Use this activity for Valentine’s Day to help kids know they’re special and loved. You’ll need pink paper hearts, markers, and a red paper gift bag …

  • church
    0 Church’s Obsession with Sunday Morning

    A friend of mine visited a large, famous church on a typical Sunday. The worship band performed with precision. The …

  • super-bowl
    0 The Big Game

    As a lifelong Denver Broncos fan, I’ve seen the good, the bad, and the ugly when it comes to the …

  • Courtesy of Tyndale House Publishing
    0 A Whole Lot of Malarkey?

    “The Boy Who Came Back From Heaven” says he didn’t. In fact, he says he never went to heaven; he …

  • treasure-tomb
    0 Treasure Tomb

    Best for Grades 1-6 You’ll need a Bible, small disposable plates and bowls, scissors, a stapler, brown or gray card stock, brown paper …