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Yea, Grandparents!

Grandparents and grandchildren have always been special to each
other-even back in Bible times. This interactive devotion and craft
are designed to honor our grandparents.

Theme: Grandparent’s Day
Text: Genesis 48:8-16
Preparation: You’ll need a Bible, colorful paper,
and pens.

The Message: Grandparents and grandchildren
have always been special to each other-even way back in Bible
times. Listen to this Bible story about a grandfather named Israel,
a son named Joseph, and two grandsons. (Read the Scripture.)

Israel blessed his grandchildren. When we “bless” people, we
make them happy. What are ways your grandparents bless or make you
happy? What are ways you bless or make your grandparents happy?

We’re going to bless our grandparents today. (Give each child a
pen and a colorful sheet of paper.) Trace your hand on your paper.
Above your hand, write “Hands down, you’re the best!” (Help younger
children write.)

Now, in your hand outline, write a prayer of blessing for your
grandparent. Think of something that’ll make your grandparent
happy. For example, you may write, “I pray that you’ll always feel
good.” Or you may write, “I pray that God will help you live a long
life.” Take your hand outline with you and finish your prayer. Then
give it to your grandparent.

To close, let’s all form a circle and put our hands together in
the center. On the count of three, let’s say, “Yea, grandparents!”
and lift our hands in the air. This will be our prayer of thanks
for grandparents.

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Yea, Grandparents!

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