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A group of preteens playing soccer outside.
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Preteen Bible Game: Stationary Soccer

Excerpted from The Giant Book of Games

This Bible game: Stationary Soccer helps kids preteens discover wisdom based on Psalm 37:23-24.

Kids learn about finding God’s direction while playing this silent game.


Supplies: Bible and blindfolds

This game requires at least 30 kids and a large area to play. Have kids form teams of no more than 10.

Preteen Bible Game: Stationary Soccer

Say: Choose one player on your team to be a human soccer ball and have him or her come up to get a blindfold. The rest of the team members will spread out in a bowling pin pattern.

If you have 15 players, start the point of the pin pattern using two kids standing about four feet apart. Then have a second row of three kids stand four feet from the first row, and four feet apart from each other. Continue with this spacing for the third row of four kids and the fourth row of five kids. If you have fewer kids on each team, decrease rows or number of kids in each row.

Blindfold each human soccer ball, and lead him or her to stand somewhere between the third and fourth rows (or in the middle of the longer rows if you have smaller teams).

Spin each soccer ball a few times, and then say: The object of this game is for the blindfolded human soccer ball to score a goal by walking between the two goal-post players in the first row. No one may talk, but if your soccer ball is going to bump into you, you can try to spin him or her in the right direction. You can touch only your soccer ball’s arms or shoulders, and only for one second. If you touch your soccer ball anywhere else or for longer than one second, he or she has to start from the beginning.

Answer any questions preteens may have about the game before enforcing the silent rule as play starts.

Say: This is a silent game. From now on, everyone must be completely silent.

Play several rounds, having teams choose a new soccer ball with each round. After the last round is finished, ask the kids to gather close to you.

The Follow-Up

At the end of the game, read aloud Psalm 37:23-24. Then discuss the following.

  • What helped you—and what didn’t help—in this game?
  • Tell about a time you had a difficult time knowing what to do.
  • How can God give you direction when you need it?

Say:  When you’re lost and need guidance, remember to ask God for wisdom and guidance.

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Preteen Bible Game: Stationary Soccer

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