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preschoolers learning about how God creates people
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Free Preschool Bible Lesson: God Creates People

In this preschool Bible lesson, kids explore the story of Creation in Genesis and discover that God creates people and God always loves us.

Bible Point: God always loves us.

Scripture: Genesis 1:26–2:4

“And may you have the power to understand, as all God’s people should, how wide, how long, how high, and how deep his love is.” (Ephesians 3:18)

Bible Background for Leaders

What makes someone special? Looks? Unique qualities? Skills? People are God’s special creation because we’re made in God’s image. God always loves us, and his love for us makes us special!

Genesis tells about how God created people in a special way and for a special reason. As God’s image-bearers, we get to show the world what God is like, and we get to love and care for God’s creation. What special jobs!

Like God’s love makes us special, the love young kids have for their favorite stuffed animals or toys makes these ordinary objects special. And you get to show kids God’s love through this lesson!


God, I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made. As your image-bearer, please help me show children who you are today. In Jesus’ name, amen.

God Creates People


  • Bible
  • chenille wires (2 per child)
  • scissors (1 per Crew)

We call helpers Crew Guides. If you lead a small class, you can be the Crew Guide. Simply gather kids in a cozy circle around you. If you have helpers, form smaller groups so each child can be known—and so kids can befriend your helpers, too!

Say: God always loves us! Show the Bible. Today our Bible story tells us God created, or made, people. God created everything in our world, and he made people to be extra special. Let’s find some special things in our room.

Identify special things in your room. For example, if you have a lot of blue chairs, point out a red one as different and special. Or if you have lots of small blocks, point out a big one as special.


  • What makes these things special? Invite responses from the whole group.

Say: These things are special because they’re different. God made people special. We’re different from everything else God made. We’re not like trees, dogs, or giraffes—we’re even more special! Let’s read in the Bible to find out what makes people different.

Made in God’s Image

Read aloud Genesis 1:27.

Say: God made people in his image. That means we get to show what God is like! God created—that means he made things. So let’s create something now with our Connect Crews.

Get comfy and sit in knee-to-knee circles with small groups. Give each Crew Guide a pair of scissors and two chenille wires per child. Crew Guides give each child one chenille wire. Help kids each form a circle at the top of the chenille wire to resemble a head.

Say: People are special because our heads let us think and talk. We can think and tell people about God! Let’s talk about this in our Connect Crews.

Have Crew Guides ask:

  • What could you tell people about God? Invite Crew Guides to share first.

Have kids make their wire people “talk” to a friend’s wire person and say something about God. For example, “God is good!” or “God loves you!”

Creating Chenille Wire People

Say: Let’s keep creating! Next, we’ll make arms for our people. God told the people he made to care for his creation. Arms help us show God’s care.

Crew Guides cut remaining chenille wires in half. Help each child twist half a chenille wire around the middle of the chenille wire person to make arms. Give examples of ways we can use our arms to show what God’s care is like. For example, we can care for a pet by giving it some water. Or we can care for people by clapping for them. Have kids make their wire people’s hands clap together.

Say: No matter how God made us, we can all show his love!

Let’s keep creating our people! Next, we’ll add legs. Legs help us move joyfully and show God’s joy to the world.

Show kids how to twist the other half of the chenille wire around the bottom of the wire person to make legs. Have kids make their wire people jump for joy; then invite kids to jump for joy, too! Kids each give their wire person a hug to show love.

God Creates Us in a Special Way

Say: God always loves us. He loves our heads, our arms, our legs, and everything about us. God’s love makes us his special creations. Let’s find out what God did after he created people.

Read aloud Genesis 2:1-3.

Say: God rested. That’s why we have a special day each week to rest and honor God.

Have kids lay their wire people down to rest. Kids close their eyes and rest for several moments, too. While kids’ eyes are closed, pray and thank God for loving us and creating us in a special way. Let wire people continue resting.

Say: People are God’s special creation, and God will always love us. He made us in his image so we can show his love, his care, and his joy!

This lesson excerpt comes from Group’s Simply Loved Sunday school curriculum. Simply Loved offers 12 quarters and three holiday packs where kids discover friendship with Jesus throughout God’s story. Looking for more preschool Bible lessons? Check out these posts!

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