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A Simple Truth: Memorable Music Makes Scripture Stick! 

There’s an “Alphabet Song” for a reason. Putting information to music helps kids—and adults—remember more. The same is true when it comes to remembering Scripture. That’s why, over the years, Group has prioritized creating high quality music both kids and parents love! And that’s why we want to share a BRAND NEW, TOTALLY FREE song with you 

Tips for Choosing Songs for Children’s Ministry

A great curriculum comes with great music! But sometimes you may want to purchase additional songs, too. (Click here to find out 7 Things Musicians Wish You Knew About YouTube.)

Choosing songs to purchase for your children’s ministry is as easy as ABC! Here are three tips to keep in mind when selecting songs to sing with kids in your church.  

A. Choose shorter songs that catch and keep kids’ attention!

Your favorite worship song might be four or five minutes long—and that’s great! But it may be a little too long for the kids you lead. Choose songs that leave kids wanting more.  

B. Choose songs that get kids moving!

If you start tapping your toe as you listen, that’s a good thing. Combining music and movement really helps make discoveries stick in kids’ brains.  

C. Choose catchy songs you find yourself singing throughout the day.

If the song is stuck in your head—it’s a good one! You never know how the Holy Spirit will speak to your heart through lyrics of a song when you need it the most.  

Behind the Music

For example, this FREE song download for you is a special one for me. We worked with a fabulous producer to create this song for Quarter 9 of Group’s Simply Loved children’s ministry curriculum. It goes along with a unit on Jesus’ parables and supports a lesson about the Wise and Foolish Builders (Matthew 7:24-29). 

During that time, my mom was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumor. Talk about a devastating storm! As sadness rained down and grief rose ever higher, my family held tight to each other and Jesus. On an especially difficult day, the music producer sent me this song demo. It’s a simple tune, written with preschool and kindergarten kids in mind, but its message spoke deep into my heart. Jesus is the Rock—the foundation my family has built on. And no matter the storm, we stand on Him. I shared the song with my mom, and I’ve revisited it time and time again. 

Our Gift to You

Friends, that’s the power of music, and the power of God’s Word. So, consider this free download our gift to you—and to the children you lead. During stormy times, may it remind you of Jesus, the Rock on which we all stand.  

Click here to download.  

Looking for more worship songs sung and performed by kids? Checkout our music and video section on!

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A Simple Truth: Memorable Music Makes...

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