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5 Ways to Bring Music Into Your Children’s Ministry


MusicHow important is music to
your ministry? And I’m not talking exclusively about worship music,
although that plays a huge role. Do you incorporate music
throughout your time with your ministry’s children?

When looking at Dr. Howard Gardner’s theory of multiple
, you’ll see that by integrating music into your
lessons, along with other styles of learning, you can really make a
deep connection with kids.

Recently, a new study of 4-year-olds showed that singing
and playing music can help improve a child’s cooperation and
problem-solving skills. The kids studied were 30 times more likely
to be helpful after they had sung and played a percussion
instrument compared to children who hadn’t.

And in the Bible, we see the importance of
music. In Matthew 26:30 we see how Jesus and his disciples sang

Let me encourage you to integrate music into
your ministry. Here are some quick and simple tips to help you hit
all the right notes:


1. Use music to set a mood.
From a high-energy welcome song to a soft, instrumental piece, give
your ministry a soundtrack. Kids are extremely sensitive to music.
The right background music can help pump kids up or calm them

2. Play musical instruments.
Music isn’t all about singing. Kids love making music, even if it’s
just keeping the beat with a homemade maraca.

3. Learn Bible verses with raps,
chants, or cheers.
In this month’s
poll, we asked if children’s ministries should require scripture
memory. At the time of this writing, 77 percent of you said “yes.”
Setting Bible verses to song or giving verses a rhythm can help
kids remember them better. And remember to help your kids really
understand what the verse means along with knowing the words.

4. Let kids write songs. Let
older kids make a remix. Tell them to come up with a song using a
tune they already know with new words. For example, write a short
song about how God wants us to treat others using the tune from
“Old MacDonald.”

5. Learn Bible truths through
Plan your lesson and find a song that fits the
theme. Or, make a remix yourself and tell what happened to Jonah in
a song or rhyme.


If you’re looking for curriculum that does a
great job of incorporating music, you’ve got to check out Group’s
Sunday School materials
. Each line of curriculum has different
aspects that make it unique, but all of them incorporate music in
fresh, new ways your kids will love.

How important is music to your ministry? Any
tips for children’s ministers looking to start a children’s choir?
Let us know using the comment section below!

One thought on “5 Ways to Bring Music Into Your Children’s Ministry


    Music lights up one's whole brain. Music sticks with you for a lifetime. It's one of the most powerful tools in your ministry toolbox.

    Starting a Choir Tips:
    1) Poll families first. You are looking for a buy-in resulting in at least 12 children. Poll them also about when to meet so that you have 12 children at that time, on that day!
    2) If you have a 'church musician' align your initiatives with that person (get staff support and buy-in). Check calendars. Find spots where your group is welcome to lead in worship.
    3) Develop a 3-year plan (so that there is less likelihood of kids dropping out after the first season). Invite key parents to be part of that brainstorming leading to the plan. Figure out what a rehearsal will be like, what music you will tackle, develop realistic goals. Add some celebrations into the planning (maybe at the end of the year you take the group on an outing).
    4) Find yourself a local mentor (someone leading a children's choir) and build that relationship.

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