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Jesus' power
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Jesus’ Power

This is a powerful children’s message to use at Halloween to show children Jesus’ power.

*Theme: Halloween

*Text: John 18:1-6

*Preparation: None needed.

*The Message: How many of you get scared at Halloween? Halloween can be a scary time because of all the evil-looking costumes. There are witches and goblins and monsters and vampires. The devil wants us to be afraid at Halloween.

But Jesus wants us to remember that he is more powerful than his enemies. He is stronger than any evil character. Even his breath is powerful. Let’s read about how strong Jesus is. (Read the scripture.)

Let’s have our congregation help us experience this Scripture. (Have the congregation stand. Each time the children shout, “I am he!”, have the congregation sit. Repeat four times.)

How did you feel when even your breath knocked people over? How does it feel to know that Jesus is more powerful than anyone? How can you trust Jesus’ power when you feel afraid?

Let’s pray. Thank you, Jesus, for being powerful. Thank you for knocking over all our enemies.

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Jesus’ Power

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