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An older elementary boy standing in front of a beige wall. He's picking from four cards, two that are yellow and two that are orange. He's smiling.
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3 Easy, Elementary Activities Centered Around Jesus

These three easy elementary activities will help you focus your children’s ministry class on the most important thing: Jesus.

1. Ultimate Need

Use this experience to discuss our need for Jesus.

You’ll need:

  • a pen
  • paper
  • candy

Ahead of time, create “tickets” for the following items: shoes, breathing, and candy. Make enough so every child can have just one ticket. For example, if you have 10 kids, you could create three tickets for shoes, three tickets for breathing, and four tickets for candy. It doesn’t matter how you disperse the tickets as long as there’s a limited number for each item.


  • What do you need?

Show kids the three sets of tickets. Explain that they can choose one and only one ticket, and tell them they won’t be able to have either of the other items that they don’t choose.

Have the children get in order alphabetically by name, and then let children take turns choosing the tickets they want. When the tickets for one item run out, then no one else can have that item and kids will have to choose a different ticket.


  • How did you choose your ticket?
  • Why would you or wouldn’t you want to give up the other items in real life?

Say: “Wants” are nice to have, but we can do without them. “Needs” are things we can’t live without. At Easter, we celebrate how Jesus died and came back to life. He did that because we needed it. He took our punishment. When we believe in him, we’re forgiven and can live with God forever. Why do you want Jesus in your life? Why do you need him?

Amy Weaver
Highlands Ranch, Colorado

2. Ever After

Use this devotion to discuss our happy ending in Jesus.

Say: Once upon a time, a princess kissed a frog. But he didn’t turn into a handsome prince. Instead, he turned into a cranky grizzly bear! Invite each child to tell a short story with an unexpected ending.

Say: These are all make-believe stories. They’re not real. But the Bible tells us about a real time when something terrible happened. Jesus was killed. He hadn’t done anything wrong—he was perfect. Think of something horrible that’s happened to you. Pause. Then invite kids to share how they could give their tragedies happy endings.

Say: For Jesus, that wasn’t the end. God planned something different. Read aloud John 20:1-8. God brought Jesus back to life! Because of Jesus’ resurrection, you can be friends with God. He’ll protect you, love you, and forgive you.


  • Why does that sound like a happy ending?
  • How does what happened to Jesus bring you hope?

Christina Schofield
Rolla, Missouri

3. Straightaway

A game to talk about John 1:19-23.

Have kids pair up to build roads for Matchbox cars. Position rocks under the foil to vary the terrain, and designate start and finish lines. Let pairs take turns racing on their roads, and time each pair as the others watch and cheer.


  • What kept the car from racing fast?
  • What might you change to make your track faster?

Let kids adjust their tracks. Have them race again, and then read aloud John 1:19-23.


  • For what reason might John have said to clear the way for Jesus?
  • What things get in the way of you telling others about Jesus?
  • What can you do to “clear” those things from your path?

Alicia Daniels
Shelby Township, Michigan

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3 Easy, Elementary Activities Centere...

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