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Preschool + Elementary Message: Interactive Telling of Noah’s Ark

Use this amazing interactive method to get your kids into the story of Noah’s Ark. It’ll create unforgettable learning!


Inflate at least 10 regular-sized balloons, and two to three huge balloons. Fill four squirt guns with water and position four volunteers for the “Moo, Meow, and Oink.” Check the lights of the room. You’ll need to shut out most of the lights during the story.

Preschool + Elementary Message: Interactive Telling of Noah’s Ark

Say: I’m the narrator for the story of Noah and the Ark. You are the characters in the story. That means you have speaking parts. Don’t worry, it’s pretty simple stuff.

Here’s what I need. I’ll assign you a character according to the month in which you were born. Or, assign according to sections. Then, whenever the name of your animal is mentioned, you stand and sound off with that animal’s noise. Ready?

  1. January: dog
  2. February: cat
  3. March: owl
  4. April: lion
  5. May: pig
  6. June: cow
  7. July: chimpanzee
  8. August: sheep
  9. September: coyote
  10. October: horse
  11. November: fruit fly
  12. December: kangaroo (hop around)

Say: In the story, when we talk about thunder, make thunder by stomping your feet. When we talk about clouds, I’ll need your help in carefully moving the clouds across the sky. One more thing about the sounds you’re helping with: When I go like this (cut throat motion) you need to stop the noise so the story can continue. Stand when your animal enters the ark, sit at the end of the story when your animal exits.

Well, I think we’re ready to start the story.

Noah’s Story

Many years ago, the earth was bad. Only a man named Noah was good. God told Noah that he would bring a flood of waters upon the earth to destroy everything. God told Noah to build an ark so that Noah, his family, and every living creature would survive.

Noah obeyed. He built the ark and loaded the animals onto the ark. First came the dogs(pause after each animal to all noises), then the cats, then the owls, then the lions, then the pigs, then the cows, then the chimpanzees, then the sheep, then the coyotes, then the horses, then the fruit flies, and finally the kangaroos. When all the animals were loaded, they made a noise that could be heard for miles (all animals sound off). Soon darkness covered the sky (turn off most of the lights).

Then huge clouds began coming in from the north. (Push weather balloons gently over the crowd.) They rolled slowly across the sky. First one, then another. Soon the skies were filled with clouds. Never before had anyone seen clouds like these.

Soon it began to lightning (turn lights on and off rapidly) and thunder (stomp feet).

The animals became frightened and began to cry out (all animals sound off).

Then came the rains (shoot squirt guns into the air). It rained for 40 days and 40 nights. The rains continued and filled all the streams and rivers and lakes and oceans. Finally, the entire earth was covered with water.

The Storm Stops

After 40 days, the rains stopped (stop squirt guns). And the clouds began moving back to where they came from (push balloons back). Gradually the skies began to clear. The big rain clouds separated and disappeared, allowing the sun to shine (turn on lights). And the waters that covered the earth began to recede.

When it was safe, Noah opened the door of the ark and began releasing the animals. First came the chimpanzees (pause after each animal), then the cats, and the dogs, then horses, cows, and the lions, then the owls, and the sheep, then the coyotes, the pigs, and then two, no, three, no, five, no a dozen, no countless fruit flies, and of course the kangaroos. All of the animals were overjoyed to get out of the ark.

God blessed Noah’s family. Noah and his family and the animals all went forth to live a happy life as they replenished the earth.

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