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Sunday School Lesson God Can Do All Things
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Preschool Sunday School Lesson: God Can Do All Things

Use this free Sunday school lesson with preschoolers to learn that God can do all things! Find more great Sunday school lessons to help kids grow in their faith.

1. Possible or Impossible? Have children tell you about a favorite cartoon or movie. When children mention something that’s possible or impossible for a character to do, ask: Would that be possible for someone to do in real life? Why or why not?

Say: Sometimes it’s hard to tell which things on television are really real and which are only pretend. Television can look very real, but not everything on television is true or even possible. The people who make TV shows use photography to make things look possible when they’re really not.

2. Fantasy Book Say: You were good at telling me which things were impossible in the cartoon. Let’s see if you can tell which things are impossible in a book.

Read any short fantasy book such as The Cat in the Hat by Dr. Seuss or Just a Daydream by Mercer Mayer. Discuss which things in the book couldn’t happen in real life and which things could.

3. Possibility Say: Now I want to tell you a story from the Bible, and you tell me if it’s possible or impossible.

Read or paraphrase Matthew 14:22-33, the story of Jesus walking on the water.

Ask: Is this story possible or impossible? Explain. How could Jesus walk on water? Why can’t we walk on water? Is there anything God can’t do? If so, what?

Say: The nice thing about anything we read in the Bible is that it’s always true and always possible. God can do anything, even if it seems impossible to us. You may not always be sure of everything on television or in books, but you can always be sure of God and the words in the Bible. The Bible is always true. And with God, all things are possible.


4. Walk on Water Give each child two plastic foam meat trays. Tell children to take their shoes and socks off and place one foot over each tray. Have children each use a sharp pencil to trace around their feet on their meat trays.

Help children cut out their feet outlines. When finished, lead children to a sink or large tub of water. Have children take turns floating their plastic-foam feet in the water. Say: Use these feet in your bathtub or sink at home and retell the story about Jesus to your parents.

5. Floats Before snack time, pray: Dear God, thank you for this snack. May we always know that you’re the only one who can do the impossible. In Jesus’ name, amen.

Serve glasses of lemon-lime soda with sherbet floating on top.

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    big help thanks:)

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    Was searching the Web for hours trying to find something suitable for treaching in sunday School and this is superb. Many thanks

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