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Bible Game: The Lost Coins

Use this Bible game for kids to help them understand how God seeks them.


Beforehand, spread out one or two bales of hay on the grass. If you’ll play this game inside, place the hay on a large sheet of plastic. Sprinkle several pennies into the hay and toss the hay around. (If you don’t have access to hay or straw, use shredded paper, packing peanuts or mud.)

When children arrive, encourage them to search through the hay to find the lost coins. Whenever a child finds a coin, lead all the children in celebrating.

After all the coins have been found or children tire of this game, read aloud the parable of the lost coin from Luke 15:8-10. Ask children to compare their experience and feelings in searching for the coins to the story from Scripture.

Janel Kauffman
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida

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Bible Game: The Lost Coins

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