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thanksgiving bible game give thanks
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Bible Game: Give Thanks

Thanksgiving Bible Game: Give Thanks

Give Thanks is a great Bible game to play with kids at Thanksgiving–or any time. (Check out these 22 Thanksgiving ideas for Sunday school!)

This Thanksgiving Bible Game is Hot Potato with a twist!

Have kids sit in a circle. Play praise music and have kids pass an object, such as a foam ball or a stuffed animal. Pause the music at varying intervals. When the music stops, the person with the object must say one thing he or she is thankful for.

Play until everyone gets at least one chance to thank God for something.

For older kids, add one of these challenges:

  • Use three or four objects rotating in assigned directions. The kids will have to be sharp to keep passing things in the right directions, and they’ll have to think of more things they’re thankful for.
  • Have kids throw the object across the circle instead of passing it. This adds an element of surprise because kids won’t know if they’ll have the object when the music stops.
  • During the game, have an adult list all the things the group is thankful for. Then post the list on your classroom door and on bulletin boards around your building during the weeks before and after Thanksgiving.

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Bible Game: Give Thanks

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