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Easter egg prayers
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Easter Egg Prayers

Use these Easter egg prayers to help children understand what Easter is all about.

Today’s Truth

We can thank God for the sacrifice of his Son and for the hope of the Resurrection

Lesson Preparation

Use a permanent marker to label seven plastic Easter eggs with the numbers one through seven. Place the following items in the eggs:

  1. a small square of bread;
  2. a grape;
  3. a piece of purple cloth;
  4. a thorn;
  5. a piece of a leather shoelace;
  6. a cross; and
  7. a stone.

Hide the Easter eggs around the room.

Easter Egg Prayers

Tell kids that you’re going to have an Easter egg prayer hunt. Let kids hunt until they’ve found all seven eggs; then gather everyone in a circle, and have kids take turns opening the eggs in order.

After each egg is opened, have kids combine their knowledge of the Easter story to tell the significance of that item. Then have a volunteer pray a prayer of thanks for that part of the Easter story. For instance, a prayer for the bread might be, “Thank you, Lord, that you are the bread of life. Thank you that you let your body be broken for us.”

If your children are very young or not familiar with the Easter story, tell about the items and offer thanks for them yourself.

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Easter Egg Prayers

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