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Earth Day Snack for All Ages: Seven Days to Praise

In this Earth Day snack, kids gobble up goodies as they praise God for his amazing creation.

Scripture: Psalm 148:3-5; Genesis 1:1–2:4a


  • Bible
  • white paper for place mats
  • markers
  • Skittles sorted by color
  • clear plastic cups of water
  • powdered lemonade mix (determine how much to mix into a single cup according to the package instructions)
  • spoons
  • fish-shaped crackers
  • gummy bears
  • marshmallows

Allergy Alert!

Be aware that some children have food allergies that can be dangerous. Consult with parents about allergies their children may have. Also be sure to read food labels carefully as hidden ingredients or the facilities where the food was prepared can cause allergy-related problems.

Earth Day Snack: Days 1-3

Say: Earth Day is about God’s amazing creation. Read Psalm 148:3-5. God’s creation praises him—even the things that can’t move or talk. And we can praise God for his creation, too. Let’s make a snack to explore some of the things God created. First, draw seven boxes on your place mats. Distribute place mats and markers, and allow time for kids to draw boxes.

On the first day of Creation, God separated light and darkness. Distribute Skittles, giving a light and dark color to each child. Place these candies in the first square on your place mat as you share something with your neighbor that you love about the daylight or darkness.

Next, God separated the water and sky. Making some refreshing lemonade can help us think through what God did. Distribute glasses of water, and then add the correct amount of lemonade powder. Note how the powder settles and stays separate at the bottom when it’s not mixed with the water. It’s a good thing God split the sky and the water—what a mess it would be if the two were all mixed together! But our lemonade will taste better mixed up. Distribute spoons. Stir your drink as you share something you love about the sky and something you love about the water. Have kids place their cups in the second box on their place mats.

Then God made the land and the seas. And on the land, he created plants and trees. That includes fruit that grows on plants and trees! Let’s put some pieces of candy to be “fruit and vegetables” in our next box as we praise God for our favorite kinds of fruit or vegetable. Distribute red and green Skittles candies—one of each color for each child—to represent fruits and vegetables.

Earth Day Snack: Days 4-7

Say: Next, God created the sun, moon, and stars. Let’s put some orange Skittles in a round shape in our fourth box to help us remember the sun, the moon, and the stars. Then share one thing you love about the things God made to light up the sky. Distribute orange Skittles.

Then God filled the sky with birds and the water with fish. Let’s get a few fish for our fifth box as you tell about your favorite birds and fish. Distribute fish-shaped crackers. For any kids with dairy or gluten allergies, allow them to create a small fish shape with more Skittles instead.

Next, God put animals and people on the land. As you choose a few gummy bears for box six, praise God for your favorite animal. Distribute gummy bears.

On the last day of Creation, God rested. Let’s put a marshmallow pillow in box seven to remind us of that day. Distribute marshmallows and allow kids to start eating during the wrap-up conversation. After God created everything, he said it was very good. I wonder: How good is our snack? As you eat, call out words that describe God’s wonderful creation.

If you enjoyed this Earth Day snack, check out The Humongous Book of Preschool Ideas for Children’s Ministry. In this book, you’ll find various activities such as games, crafts, and fingerplays to complement your chosen Bible story. For even more snack ideas, check out these posts!

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Earth Day Snack for All Ages: Seven D...

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