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A preteen boy smiling as he lays in front of a Christmas tree using his homemade gift wrap to wrap gifts.
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How to Make a COVID-Friendly Christmas Amazing for Families

Christmas is coming…Here are a few ideas to help make it memorable!

Christmas and Advent may be a little different again this year. We know you realize it, but sometimes it’s helpful to fully admit it.

And with the uncertainty of these days adding a giant layer of complication to what can already be a stressful time, it is easy to lose focus on what really matters this season.

So, instead of giving in to feelings of anxiety or being overwhelmed, we have a few small suggestions that can help your ministry keep strong and Christmas on.

A. Admit to yourself Christmas is likely going to be different this year.

B. Acknowledge that different doesn’t have to mean bad.

C. Shift your focus from ‘What you can’t do’ and instead focus on ‘What you CAN do!’ 

And to help you continue reaching and shepherding kids and families this Christmas, here are a few ideas to make this season particularly meaningful. (Psst… All the resources below contain COVID-friendly options… just to make things a little easier).

1. Host an online or socially distanced event.

As you know, this year might not be the year to put on an extravagant Christmas program sure to draw a standing room only audience. However, it is still possible to host a memorable, meaningful Christmas event for your kids and families.

Whether you are meeting in smaller, socially distanced groups, or opting for an online event, Group has you covered with Christmas Events Kits that make it easy to help families experience the TRUE meaning of Christmas.

Each event kit is created to maximize impact while minimizing stress during this very stressful season. AND each event kit also includes access to COVID-friendly modifications and special permissions to help adapt your event to any situation.

2. Focus on equipping and growing families at home.

One of the brightest opportunities you have is to equip families as they celebrate Jesus together, at home.

This Family Christmas Download is a simple, yet impactful resource to provide families with. Featuring a festive new “We’ve Been Star’d” experience, this download provides a twist on the traditional advent calendar and fun activities for families to do together. The free guide will get families talking, encouraging each other, and growing in a relationship with Jesus.

When you surprise families in your ministry with their “We’ve Been Star’d” gift bag filled with joy, have fun and include items like candy canes, hot cocoa mix and even ornaments. Visit for ideas and special Christmas only deals.

3. Remember, at the end of the day, sometimes the simple things are most memorable.

Just like Charlie Brown’s Christmas tree, things do not have to be big, flashy, or even fancy to be meaningful. The same can be true with Sunday school lessons this Christmas.

With the Simply Loved Holiday Year 1 or Holiday Year 2 packs you’ll receive fresh, engaging and memorable Christmas Sunday school lessons built to keep things ‘Simple,’ while showing God’s greatest gift. And to help with today’s challenges, we’ve provided written tips and videos to help adapt each Holiday lesson for social-distancing or online/at-home lessons.

PLUS! the Simply Loved Holiday packs also include 2 Easter lessons so you can keep the fun going all year round.

As we said above, Christmas is going to be different, but not bad. You and your ministry can do this and we’re excited to help you every step of the way!

God bless!

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How to Make a COVID-Friendly Christma...

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