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Three preteens huddled around with a blanket pulled over the tops of their heads. They are smiling.
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3 Children’s Ministry Activities Perfect for Preteens

Use these three children’s ministry activities designed specifically for preteens to help teach about the impact Jesus has on our lives.

3 Children’s Ministry Activities Perfect for Preteens

1. No More Hiding

Use this activity to show that because of Jesus, we can be in God’s presence.

You’ll need:

  • a Bible,
  • blankets, and
  • a bright flashlight.

Darken the room.

Read aloud Mark 9:2-3. Then shine the light on everyone (avoiding kids’ eyes) as you read aloud Mark 9:4-6.


  • What might be terrifying about these events?

Say: Before Jesus’ time, people couldn’t be in God’s glorious presence because of sin. That’s why Peter wanted to build a tent and hide. Have small groups sit under blankets while you read aloud Mark 9:7-10. Continue shining the light.

Say: Tell about a time you wanted to hide or cover up something.

Because of Jesus, Peter didn’t need to hide from God’s presence. Jesus’ sacrifice cleanses us of our sins. Have kids uncover themselves while you continue shining the light.


  • How does knowing Jesus give you the courage to stand in God’s presence without feeling shame because of your sins?

Shawn Vander Lugt
Loveland, Colorado

2. Unsinkable Faith

Use this devotion to remind kids to have faith in Jesus.

You’ll need:

  • a Bible and
  • several 10-foot lengths of blue crepe-paper streamers.

Place the crepe paper on the floor in parallel lines far enough apart that it will be challenging for preteens to cross from one to another.

Say: Take turns creatively crossing these streamer streams. Walk backward, close your eyes, hop on one foot, walk on your hands, do cartwheels—go!

For a few minutes, offer encouragement, such as “You’re doing great!” and “I have faith in you!” After that, express caution and doubt, saying things like “That looks tricky!” or “I’m not sure you’ll make it.”


  • How did the encouragement affect you?
  • How did the discouragement affect you?

Read aloud Matthew 14:28-31. Say: After Jesus miraculously walked on water, Peter tried—with mixed results.


  • When does your faith feel the strongest?
  • When does your belief in Jesus seem to “sink”?
  • What can you do to have faith in Jesus, who always reaches out to you?

Stephanie Martin
Lakewood, Colorado

3. Praise Puzzles

Use this game to discuss praising Jesus.

You’ll need:

  • paper and
  • markers.

Write the letters from several different words of praise, such as “hosanna,” on individual sheets of paper. Make several sets.

Form teams of four, and give each team an identical set of mixed-up letters from all the words.

Read aloud Mark 11:7-10. Say: Let’s play a game.

Say: When I say a praise word, find the letters to spell the word. As soon as they’re in order, shout the word and hold the letters above your heads. Try to be the first team to finish.

Kids can hold several letters at once, if necessary. Encourage teams to finish, even when they’re not first.

Call out the praise words one at a time. Congratulate the winners.


  • What was this challenge like for you?
  • Explain whether praising Jesus comes naturally for you. What might help you give Jesus the praise he deserves?

Michael Capps
East Flat Rock, North Carolina

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