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kids being kind to each other
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Free Bible Activity: God Wants Us to Be Kind to Others

Kindness is a fruit of the Spirit. In this Bible activity, kids practice being kind and pray for a special person in their lives.

Bible point: God wants us to be kind to others.

Scripture: Matthew 5:43-48

Kindness Is a Choice

The Bible calls us to be kind—and sometimes it’s not an easy choice. No one showed kindness better than Jesus. Jesus chose, oftentimes against cultural norms, to serve others with kindness. We’re called to this same, self-sacrificing type of kindness—to make kind choices that may be hard. Jesus asked us to treat others with more than smiley-face politeness. He calls us to feed, clothe, and care for strangers (Matthew 25:31-46), to show lovingkindness even to those people who rub us the wrong way (Matthew 5:43-48).

Explore the Bible

You’ll need:

Say: God wants us to be kind to others, so let’s practice something I call “kind-sight.” I’m going to read a passage from Matthew chapter 5.  It’s part of a popular teaching Jesus gave that took place on a mountain. As I read, I want you to be looking and listening for moments when someone is kind or kindness is encouraged. When you hear something kind, stand up, interrupt my reading, and tell me why. Ready?

Read Matthew 5:43-48 aloud, allowing moments for kids to interrupt and tell you when they hear an example of kindness. Speak encouragingly to kids who have good “kind-sight” about noticing kindnesses in the Scripture.

Discuss Kind-Sights

Afterward ask:

  • What do you notice most about what Jesus teaches in this passage from the Bible?
  • How does Jesus’ rules for kindness reflect his love for us?

Say: Your kindness interrupted me—it made me stop and listen.


  • In real life, how do acts of kindness sometimes stop you or surprise you?
  • Think about your past week. When was someone kind to you? Tell your own story; then have kids share their own accounts.

Say: When people are kind, it’s sometimes a surprise—something we don’t expect. Let’s explore more about the way kindness changes us.

The Praying Kind

You’ll need:

  • 3×5 cards (1 per child)
  • pencils

Say: One of the best ways to be kind to someone else is simply to pray for that person. And we can pray anytime! God wants us to be kind to others, so let’s practice praying for people right now.

Give every child a 3×5 card and a pencil.

Say: Think of one person you’d like to pray for right now. It might be a parent, a friend, your brother or sister, a leader at church, or anyone else that comes to mind. Draw a little sketch of that person on your card.

Prayer Prompts

Tell kids to follow your prompts as you lead them in praying for the people on their cards. Pause for at least 30 seconds between prompts.

  • Let’s pray that God will show his love in a special way to the person on your card. How do you think God might do that? Ask him about it, and tell him your thoughts.
  • Let’s pray for your person’s well-being. What might help that person feel healthy and strong? Talk to God about that.
  • Let’s pray for your person’s worries. What do you think that person is worried about, scared about, or concerned about? Ask God to help in those areas.
  • Let’s pray for your person’s work or school. Ask God to bring success and joy in those places.
  • Let’s thank God for this person in your life. Tell God why you are thankful to know them!

Say: Amen! Fold your card and put it in your pocket. Keep it nearby this week to help you remember that God wants us to be kind to others—and we can always be kind in prayer.

This Bible activity comes from a lesson in Grow Together Now, Vol. 2. Looking for more lesson ideas for mixed ages of children? Check out more great children’s lessons and sermons.

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2 thoughts on “Free Bible Activity: God Wants Us to Be Kind to Others


    I have used your material in several of my children’s time lessons and they are wonderful.

    • Sierra Gomez

      Aww Angela! We love to hear this, may you continue to find great lessons for your ministry here. God bless!

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