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5 Reasons Why Today’s Curriculum Is Better Than Ever

Finding the right set of lessons for our children’s ministry is so important! But, for many of us, evaluating curriculum is a daunting challenge. Matching one of the numerous options with your ministry’s unique needs can feel like solving a giant jigsaw puzzle. The great news is that while there are many choices, children’s ministry curriculum has evolved through the years—for the better.

5 Reasons Why Today’s Curriculum Is Better Than Ever

Here are five ways today’s curriculum choices are stronger than ever.

1. Rooted in Scripture

This is the most important quality to look for in a curriculum. Especially noticeable changes have been happening in curriculum development in recent years pointing to a commitment to solid theology and deep biblical truth in the content of children’s curriculum.

2. Wise Discipleship Plans

The next most important quality is a wise plan that disciples the whole child—from babies to preteens. A solid curriculum ensures that once kids leave the children’s ministry, they’ll have been biblically trained with wisdom, hopefully leading to a transformed heart through Jesus.

3. Family-Equipping

Ministering to children means reaching families with resources that equip them to own the discipleship of their child. Family resources are trending, and many curriculum providers champion this opportunity to provide dynamic resources that help parents. These resources include family apps, newsletters, take-home pages, and social media templates that help ministry leaders communicate with parents about each week’s content. Take advantage of these great opportunities to connect the church to home.

4. Increased Media Offerings

Children are multisensory learners. Much of today’s curriculum has a variety of media provided, including life-app and Bible passage videos, worshipful music, motion videos for movement, and dynamic apps that continue the learning throughout the week. This is an ever-changing facet of children’s curriculum, but it’s one that can increase kids’ retention of Bible truths and takeaways each week.

5. Improved Teaching Tools

Many resource providers are creating incredible visuals through Scripture posters offered in multiple translations, teaching pictures, biblical timelines, and engaging teaching packs with games, storybooks, and other activities for children. These valuable materials take the guesswork out of preparing volunteers to teach multiple age groups.

Jana Magruder serves as the director of LifeWay Kids, a children’s ministry resource provider of Bible studies, camps, VBS, and training events such as The Gospel Project for Kids, Explore the Bible: Kids, and Bible Studies for Life: Kids. To learn more about these resources, visit

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5 Reasons Why Today’s Curriculu...

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