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Elementary Bible Game: Throw Away Your Worries

Heed the wisdom found in the Bible and throw away discouragement and your concerns with this fun-filled paper fight game!  You’ll need: a Bible paper pencils masking tape a large…

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How to Find Service Opportunities for Out-of-the-Box Volunteers

Your guide to alternative service opportunities for volunteers who don’t fit the mold… Samantha is a young, single mom who began attending your church two years ago. Her children love…

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Children’s Craft: Jesus Shows Us God’s Love

In this craft, kids make stained-glass windows to remember how Jesus showed us God’s love by dying for our sins on the cross. Scripture: Matthew 27:32-61; Mark 15:21-47; Luke 23:26-56;…

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Is Your Sunday School Communicating Shame in the “Shoulds”?

Do all of our “shoulds” teach children that being a Christian is more about rules than it is about relationship with Jesus?  I failed him. His drawing made it clear.…