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Tree of Thanks

Roseanne Sather

Treeof Thanks1

Materials Needed: 1 Dry Branch (at least 2 ft. high), 1 quart size mason jar, smooth river stones, decorative moss, 12 inch ribbon, metal rim marking tags, and pens.

My family started a fun Thanksgiving tradition last year, and we've kept it around as a reminder of the many things we are thankful for... I found a branch that had fallen off one of the trees in our yard and put it in a quart size mason jar. Then secured it by filling the jar with smooth river stones and topped the stones off with decorative moss. I then tied a ribbon around the top of the jar. I set out a bowl of metal rim marking tags and pens. As each family member thought of things they were thankful for, they wrote that word on one of the tags and then tied it on to the branch as if it were a leaf. It was exciting to see the tree branch slowly fill up with leaves. 

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