Summer Olympic Games


Begin your event with a potluck barbecue. Have someone run in with a torch to light the grill! After eating, let the games begin. Then, with great pomp and circumstance, give ribbons to everyone at the end of the day.

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Water Balloon Races

Form teams for these relays.

  • Balance balloons on tennis rackets, and race to a turn-around line and back.
  • Have each team member race with a water balloon between his or her knees.
  • Form pairs. Place a water balloon between partners’ waists, and challenge them to make their way to a line and back without breaking their balloon.

Squirt Bottle Games

Use empty dish detergent bottles for these games:

  • Squirt and Fill — Form two teams. Each team stands in a semi-circle and chooses one person to be “It.” It holds a small plastic bowl. Everyone else gets a squirt bottle filled with water. On “go,” each team squirts water into its bowl. The team with the fullest bowl wins.
  • Soak Down — Each team uses shaving cream to make a “hat” on one of their teammates. Players stand around this person and wash away the foam with their squirt bottles. The team with the first clean player wins.

Team Games

  • Wacky Volleyball — Use a regular volleyball net or tie a rope across an open area. Swish a trash bag in the air to fill it with air, then close it quickly and tie it with a twist-tie. Use the bag as a volleyball until it deflates, then refill.
  • Centipede Obstacle Course — Teams line up, and players place their hands on the waist of the person in front of them. The centipede maneuvers through these obstacles: walk along a 2×4 beam, stomp on balloon “ants,” step over a low fence, and duck under a limbo rod.

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