Skit: An Easter Story


Child 1: There’s so much more!

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Child 2: Now don’t get us wrong…we like
candy. It’s just that if that’s all Easter is about, it’s a pretty
empty holiday.

Easter Bunny: If it’s not about me and it’s not
about candy, then I’m lost.

Child 3: Exactly!

Child 2: And that’s what Easter is all

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Child 3: Easter is about Jesus rising from the
dead! (Easter Bunny looks surprised but intrigued.)

Child 3: And Jesus came to earth to “seek and
save the lost.”

Child 2: (Puts his arm around the Easter
Let’s go talk about this some more while our teacher
tells all these kids more about the real meaning of Easter.

(Everyone exits the stage. Afterward, the Teacher tells
children about the biblical account of Easter. As each scene is
mentioned, characters pantomime the scene.)

Teacher: (Enters the stage. As the Teacher
talks, two children enter the stage and wave palm branches. They’re
followed by a child dressed as Jesus and riding a stick pony.)

It was really incredible! On Palm Sunday, Jesus entered Jerusalem
riding on a donkey. Everyone went crazy, praising Jesus and waving
palm branches to honor him.

Teacher: (As the Teacher talks, two
children enter the stage. One is dressed as Jesus and carries the
cross on his back. The other is dressed as a Roman soldier and
pretends to whip Jesus.)
The soldiers beat Jesus and put a
crown of thorns on his head. The soldiers made Jesus carry his
cross to the place where he would die.

Teacher: (As the Teacher talks, the soldier
mocks Jesus and pretends to nail him to the cross. Jesus
Jesus hung on the cross while the soldiers mocked
him. Finally, he died on the cross and was taken down to be

Teacher: (As the Teacher talks, a child
dressed in a robe enters and lays Jesus on the floor. When the
teacher says that he arose, Jesus jumps up.)
But that’s not
the end of the story! They buried Jesus in a tomb, and three days
later he arose! He came back to life! (Everyone

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