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Sin Stones

Laycie Costigan


Kids experience how the guilt of sin is wiped away with God's forgiveness.

Best for: Ages 9 to 12

Gear: A medium-size bead and a 6-inch piece of yarn for each child

Scripture: Psalm 32:1-5

Challenge: At the beginning of class, give kids each a bead to place inside one of their shoes. Have kids think of a sin they've committed within the past week, such as fighting with parents, stealing, lying, or gossiping. The bead represents that sin. Have kids keep the bead in their shoe for the duration of class, and encourage activities where they have to get up and move around so they'll constantly feel the discomfort of the bead. Toward the end of class, let kids remove the beads from their shoes.

Buddy Up: Ask: How do you feel when you sin? How are these feelings like the bead in your shoe? Read aloud the Scripture. What does this passage tell us about confessing our sins to God? How was taking out the bead like or unlike receiving God's forgiveness?

Have kids attach their beads with yarn onto their shoes as a reminder of God's forgiveness. Close with silent prayer, giving kids the opportunity to ask God for forgiveness.

Excerpted from Children's Ministry Magazine. Subscribetoday

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