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Shaving Cream Art

Shaving -creamThis fun craft shows kids how fearfully and wonderfully God made them.

What You'll Need

A cookie sheet (no edges), nonmedicated shaving cream (available at dollar stores), food coloring (this might stain, so encourage paint shirts) white construction paper, a squeegee, towels, and newspaper

Spread the newspaper on a table with the cookie sheet on top. Have kids cover the cookie sheet with shaving cream, then lightly dot food coloring on the cream. Use straws to swirl the food coloring into patterns, then lay construction paper onto the mixture. Massage the paper so the shaving cream and food coloring soak in. Peel up the paper, laying it on newspaper on a flat surface.

As kids squeegee off the shaving cream, read aloud Psalm 139:14. Ask: How is your creation unique and wonderful? How has God made you unique and wonderful?

Jenn Gould
Prescott Valley, Arizona

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