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Seasonal Lessons: Labor Day

Carmen Kamrath

Use this 15-minute Labor day lesson to help kids discover the importance of work and rest.

1. Work Zone-Decorate your classroom door with a yellow, diamond-shaped sign that says "Work Zone." Hand each child a paint brush. Have buckets of water ready and *say: I have a huge job for you. We're going to "paint" the walls outside the church. We have five minutes to get as much done as we can-let's go!

Have kids paint the walls with water for five minutes, then gather inside.

2. A Day of Rest-Have kids pick a spot to sit down and rest. Congratulate them on their hard work. Tell them that God thinks work is a good thing. *Say: The Bible even says, "Anyone who refuses to work should not eat."

Have children act out the jobs they do at home, such as setting the table or feeding a pet. Have others guess what the jobs are.

Tell children that God thinks rest is important, too. Read aloud Genesis 2:2-3. Ask children how they and their families rest.

*Say: God wants us to rest so we stay healthy. The Sabbath is the day God set aside for us to rest and learn more about him. We also celebrate a holiday this week called Labor Day. It's a day when workers get to rest. When we take time to rest, we have energy to enjoy all the things God has given us.

3. Bouncy Babies-Give each child a pingpong ball, two wiggly eyes, and a small box such as a bank check box. Provide glue, yarn bits, markers, and other craft supplies.

Have children make their pingpong balls into "bouncy" babies. Let them decorate their boxes as beds for the babies. As they work, discuss the fact that it's hard work being a parent. Ask them about jobs their parents do at home or work. Leave artwork to dry during snack time.

4. Snack-You'll need: Frozen bread dough (thawed), honey, and butter.

Tell kids to: Have each child take a handful of dough, form a strip, and twist it. Tell kids that challah is the traditional bread for the Jewish Sabbath. This twisted bread is similar to challah. After the work of baking is over, rest together and talk about any traditional meals or food kids have on the Sabbath.

5. All Tucked In-Have children gather their bouncy babies and beds and sit in a circle. Remind kids once again that God invites us to rest and that it's important to rest from our work. Tuck the bouncy babies in their beds and sing a lullaby to help the babies rest. Thank God for giving us the gifts of work and rest.


Carmen Kamrath is the associate editor for Children's Ministry Magazine.

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