Bible Game: Raindrop Relay

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Use this Bible Game: Raindrop Relay to help kids imagine the Great Flood.

Age Level: 5 to 12

Bible Connect: Noah and the Flood (Genesis 7)

Materials: Two buckets per team, a plastic cup for each child, a permanent marker, water, and a sharp-tipped object such as scissors or a letter opener

Before the game, poke holes on the bottoms and sides of the plastic cups.

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Draw a line with a permanent marker to indicate the halfway point on both the outside and inside of two buckets. Form two teams, and have kids sit on the ground in straight lines. Place one bucket filled with water at the front of each line. Place a lined bucket at the back of each line. Then give each child a leaky cup.

On “go,” have the first child in line fill his or her cup and carry it over the heads of the other kids sitting in line before dumping the remaining water into the bucket at the end of the line. Then the line shifts forward and the cup carrier sits in the back of the line. The game continues until teams fill their back buckets to the halfway marker.

Dry-Off Debrief: Ask: How did it feel to be constantly rained on during the game? How is this game like or unlike what Noah and his family may have experienced when it rained for 40 days and nights? How do you think Noah and his family felt when they saw God’s rainbow?

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