Presidential Prayers

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Serving as the President of the United States of America is no
easy task. This devotion demonstrates the need for each of us to
pray for our leaders every day, not just on President’s Day.

Theme: Presidents Day

Text: Hebrews 13:17

Preparation: Give each child a coin; either a
penny, nickel, dime, or quarter. You’ll need one paper dollar.

The Message: Look at your coin and tell me what
you see on each side. These presidents are men who’ve led our
country through wars, decisions, and difficulties. On Presidents
Day, we celebrate these men and the others who’ve been our
country’s leaders.

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(Hold up the paper dollar.) Since I have the dollar, I’ll be the
leader of our group today. Follow my instructions. If you have a
quarter, do 10 jumping jacks; a nickel, stand up and shout “Nickel,
nickel, buy me a pickle!”; a penny, shake someone else’s hand; a
dime, hop around the outside of our group. (After two minutes, have
children sit.)

I sure gave you some silly instructions to follow. In fact, you
might not have wanted to obey me! Even though real presidents don’t
tell us to do such silly things, sometimes people don’t want to
obey them either. But the Bible tells us to obey our leaders. (Read
the Scripture.) Why is it important to obey our leaders? What would
happen if no one obeyed the president?

Let’s pray. Find the other people who have a coin like yours.
Together, pray for our president.

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