Prayer: Baby Blessings


As parents, we don’t think twice about praying for God to bestow
blessings on our children. But it’s often easy to overlook the
importance of praying for God’s blessings on the children in our
nurseries. Nothing is more powerful — or more meaningful — than
prayer on behalf of others. So why not give this most wonderful of
gifts to the little ones you shepherd?

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One of our greatest privileges as nursery teachers, leaders, and
volunteers is to pray for the little children we have the
opportunity to teach. Take time to write a special blessing for all
the children in your nursery.

Learn more about the children in your nursery by contacting
their parents. Phone calls or email messages to parents communicate
your care and interest in them, and they help you learn more about
each child. There’s no better way to know these precious children
and their families than by staying connected.

Write a prayer of blessing for each child. It helps me to keep a
list of the children and the specific blessings I’m praying for
them in my Bible or daily devotional.

Give a copy of the prayer to the child’s parent to let him or
her know you’re praying daily. You’ll be amazed at each parent’s

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I can’t think of a better way to show people how much you love
them through Christ than by praying daily for their children and
staying connected personally. Adults and children forget lots of
things, but they’ll never forget the hands that have reached out to
them through prayer.

Sondra Saunders leads Prestonwood Baptist Church’s preschool
and children’s ministry with more than 5,200 children in Plano,
Texas. Please keep in mind that phone numbers, addresses, and
prices are subject to change.


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