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Simple Strategies for Getting Kids Into the

Kid-Friendly — Provide, or encourage parents to
provide, age-appropriate children’s Bibles with devotions,
easy-to-use reference pages, and fun activities. But don’t stop
there. Show kids how to use them, and actually do some of the
devotions or activities in class with the entire group. For a list
of children’s Bibles, go to www.childrensministry.com and click on
Web Extras.

Close Look — Show kids how to do a color-coded Bible
study to help them look more closely at a Bible passage. All you
need is colored pencils or highlighters. Kids can make up their own
color codes (or a class code) for study. For instance, they can use
green to highlight a command or instruction from God, yellow to
highlight a problem someone is facing, and blue to highlight a
praise. Let kids be creative!

Choose Your Own — Tell kids a Bible event in a
different yet accurate way. Replace all names and place references
with generic terms, and retell the event as if it could’ve happened
yesterday to people they know. Keep it accurate by not adding any
new facts. Follow up with debriefing questions and revealing the
real Bible story to the kids.

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