My Family Tree Craft

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This hands-on activity “My Family Tree Craft” helps instill appreciation for families. Using small twigs and a few other items, each child can make a personalized family tree.

You’ll need green construction paper, markers and crayons, scissors, yarn, a hole punch, foam cups, clay, and twigs or branches with several offshoots.Give each child a handful of clay to press in the bottom of a cup. Firmly insert a twig so it’s secure and upright. Cut out large, green leaves from the construction paper.

Give each child a leaf to represent each person or pet in the family. Have kids write a family member’s name or draw the person on a leaf. Kids can include any family members they wish-especially themselves. Then punch a hole at the top of each leaf and tie the leaves to the twig offshoots with yarn.

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By pointing out the different people in kids’ families, you can show each child that he or she is special and belongs to something wonderful. Tell the kids that God made mommies and daddies to love, play with, and care for them.

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