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Leader Tip: Craft Preparation

Children's Ministry Magazine

Our classes are filled to capacity; we have 280 children attending. Since there are 15 to 20 children in each class, craft preparation is time-consuming.

To help with all the craft preparation, we order all our craft supplies in bulk. Then we recruited a group of ladies at a local retirement home to help us out. These ladies call themselves the Pleasant View Craft Crew (PVCC). They get together once a month to cut, sort, and count craft supplies for our program. This crew is an important part of our ministry now, and they're saving our teaching staff valuable time.

To let the crew know how they're making a difference, I take photos of the children making the crafts and share them at our PVCC party night. We serve coffee, tea, and pastries as a way to thank the ladies for their time. I share with the ladies what our program is all about and specific stories of children and staff whose lives have been changed through the program.

Jodi Gantz
Manheim, Pennsylvania

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