Juggling Rocks: Grades Four to Six


*Bible Activity: Rush Rush-Give each child a small
rock. In a bag, place eight different-size things such as a stuffed
animal or a shoe. Have children form a circle and hold their rock.
Take the items out of the bag one at a time and pass them to the
child to your left. Have children pass the items around the circle.
Tell kids not to drop their rocks but to keep the items

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Afterward, *ask: Was it easy or difficult to hold on to
your rock while passing things? Do you ever feel like you’re having
to juggle a lot of things in real life? Explain. How do you feel
when you’re juggling so many things?

Read aloud Luke 10:38-42. *Ask: If our rocks
represent spending time with God, how are these other items like
things that distract us from time with God? What are some things
that distract you or keep you from spending time with God?

*Craft: Quiet Rocks-Give kids fine-tip permanent
markers. Have kids each write on their rock one thing that
distracts them from spending time with God. Encourage kids to carry
their rock in their pocket or purse, or put it in their room. Tell
them to use their rock as a reminder to shut out distractions and
spend time with God each day.

*Snack: You’ll need: Bread, butter, a knife, and

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Directions: While kids spread the butter and honey on
their bread, *ask: Which is more nourishing-honey or

*Say: The Bible says that Jesus is the bread of life.
Jesus can feed our souls if we spend time with him. Busy bees make
honey. Honey is sweet but not very nourishing. Being busy doesn’t
feed our souls.

*Ask: How can you spend more time with Jesus, the bread of
life, this week?

Close in prayer, asking Jesus to help kids spend quality time with

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