It’s a Jungle in Here!


It’s a cliché, but you get more bees with honey than with
vinegar. The same is true about volunteers. You’ll attract more
volunteers with excitement, energy, creativity, and a fun theme –
than you will with begging and boredom.

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That’s why we’ve put together a fun recruiting theme for you to
implement this very Sunday! Follow this step-by-step plan for a
jungle recruiting theme, and you’ll capture the attention of all
those volunteers you need!

Step 1 — Transform your children’s ministry
Use a green tablecloth to cover your table, then
cover it with giant vines. It’s easy and it’s cheap! For easy directions, click
. Go the extra mile and add these touches: colored
birds, swinging monkeys, palm trees and vibrant flowers, costumed
characters, and jungle sounds.

Step 2 — Outfit your staff. Encourage all your
volunteers to wear the jungle uniform during your recruiting
season: khakis, hiking boots, and safari hats (if you have them).
You can get safari hats at a party store.

Step 3 — Design all your recruiting materials with a
jungle motif:
fliers, invitations, bulletin inserts,
bulletin announcements. Go to to find jungle clip art.
Use these fun slogans: “It’s a Jungle in Here! Come and join the
swinging fun!” Or, “Get Caught in the Children’s Ministry Net: The
Adventure Awaits!”

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Step 4 — Wow them with a hilarious video! In
big church and in your hallways and in your adult classes, show the
Serengeti Eddy video from Group’s “We Want You” recruiting video.
Click here to view this fun video that’ll
capture everyone’s attention
. To buy the video,
click here
. (You get a total of 7 compelling
commercials on the video!)

Step 5 — Net your recruits. When someone joins
your team, give them this fun welcome to your team. Wrap a dozen
Hershey’s Kisses and Hugs in a square of craft netting. Tie it with
a bright green ribbon. And attach this note: “Hugs and Kisses for
Getting Caught by our Children’s Ministry Team! We’re so glad we
bagged a great trophy like you to join our team!” (Don’t forget to
give a clear job description for your new volunteer’s role.)

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