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Group Games: Harvest Relay

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At one end of the room, fill a large tub with cold water, cranberries, and a few apples. At the other end of the room, form teams of four or five. Give each child a plastic spoon and each team the same size container. Each team has five minutes to make its container the heaviest. You'll need a scale at the end of the game.

On "go," one child from each team runs to the tub, scoops up cranberries or apples using only a plastic spoon (no hands), and returns to his team to dump cranberries or apples into his team's container. If he drops the fruit on the way back, he has to pick it up with the spoon. The next person in line repeats the process. Kids will learn that apples increase the weight in their team's bucket, but they're harder to remove and use up more time.

Weigh the containers at the end of the relay. As kids are enjoying the fruit, ask, "How easy or difficult was it to get the cranberries in the bucket? How about the apples?"

Read aloud Luke 10:2. Say, "God wants us to go into his harvest-which is the world-and help others know his love. When we share with others about God, sometimes they might slip away just as the cranberries that rolled off the spoons. Sometimes it takes more time and effort to share with our friends, just as the apples took more work. How can we work together to share God's love with people?"

Lori Resch
Berlin, Wisconsin

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