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Spread the Love Necklace

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You’ll Need: a Bible; colorful magazines or
catalogs; scissors; jewelry cord; toothpicks; and quick-drying
craft glue.

Get Ready: Set up tables, and set out the craft
supplies. Have children follow these steps:
1. Cut colorful magazine pages into 25 long triangles. These
triangles need to be 1 inch at the base and at least 8 inches

2. With the most colorful side facing down, place the toothpick
at the base of the triangle.

3. Roll the toothpick toward the point, wrapping the paper
around the toothpick as you roll.

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4. Add a dab of glue at the paper point and press against the
rolledpaper. Once the glue has dried, remove
the toothpick.

5. When all the paper beads are dry, string as many as will fit
onto the jewelry cord, leaving enough cord to tie.

6. Show kids how to tie their necklaces with a knot that can
easily be untied.

Say: Valentine’s Day is a great time to
remember that God has shown us a lot of love. Get into pairs, and
see how many things you can think of that God has done to show he
loves you. Point to a new bead for each thing you name, and see if
you can get all the way around your necklace.

Say: Wow! God has done a lot to show that he
loves us. And we can pass on his love.

Ask: What are some loving things we can do for

Read aloud 1 John 3:18. Say: Let’s commit to
passing on his love. Each time you do something to show love this
week, take a bead off your necklace and give it to that person,
telling them that Jesus loves them. See how quickly you can empty
your necklace!

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