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Servant Love

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You’ll Need: a Bible, a large bowl of warm water,
and one clean washcloth per person

Have everyone sit in a chair. Instruct people to take off their
socks and shoes, leaving them around the edges of the room. When
people are ready, place the bowl of water in the middle of the
room. Then have everyone sit on the floor in a circle. Distribute
: God’s love never runs out. But how exactly do we
give away God’s love? Jesus showed us by example how to do
that. In John 13, Jesus chose the dirtiest, grossest job he
could-washing his friends’ feet. Back in those days, people
walked everywhere on dusty roads wearing just sandals. Their feet
got filthy, and they had to wash them often. God’s love
flowed through Jesus so he could serve others by doing a yucky
job. We can show God’s love, too, by serving each other.

Begin with the person to your left. Dip part of your washcloth
into the water bowl, and gently wash the person’s feet.
Dry them with the dry portion of the cloth. Then continue to move
the water bowl along while each person washes the feet
of the person to his or her left. (To save time in a very large
group, have people sit in smaller circles of up to eight with a
water bowl and cloths for each group).

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Once everyone’s feet are clean, say: Return with your family or
friends to your
shoes. Rather than just putting on your own socks and shoes, help
each other put on socks and shoes. Tell each other, “God
loves you” as you serve each other. Ask: Why do you think Jesus
chose this act as a way to show love? How has Jesus shown love to
you? How can you share God’s love by serving your family throughout
the week? Say: When Jesus showed love by washing his friends’ feet,
he told us to follow that example. He wants us to love others by
being servants. That’s how we overflow his love to other people.

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