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Great Big Love

Kristen Kansiewicz

Looking for a way to help your families grow together this Valentine's Day? Use any or all of these activities with kids or families to help them experience God's heart and take that overflowing love out into their neighborhood!

The Heartbeat of God

You'll Need: a Bible, several heart cut-outs, and masking tape

Get Ready: Hang the heart cut-outs on the wall. Create a large outline of a heart on the fl oor with masking tape. Point to one of the hearts hanging on the wall. Say: When we see a heart, we usually think about love. Let's read what the Bible says about love.

Read aloud 1 John 4:8.

Ask: What do you think it means that God is love? When you think of God's love, what words come to mind?

Have everyone stand on the outline of the heart you taped on the floor and hold hands. Say: I'm going to squeeze the hand of the person to my right. When that person feels my squeeze, that person will squeeze the next person's hand. As soon as you feel a squeeze, pass it on to the next person and let's see if we can keep it going! Let the game continue around the circle several times, until you can clearly see the squeezes being passed and there's a good rhythm around the circle. When there's good momentum, say: Keep it going! We can think of this as God's heartbeat. When we receive his love, we can give it away and his love keeps on going forever! Afterward, ask: What are some loving things people have done for you? What are some ways you've passed on God's love to other people? Say: When we experience God's love, we get to pass it on to other people, just as we passed our heartbeat around the circle. Let's remember to pass on God's love!

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