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Grain Painting

Objective: Kids will learn to share with others.

Stuff you'll need: A bag of unpopped popcorn, paper cups, plastic spoons, construction paper, tempera paint, large shallow boxes, and paper towels.

Text: Ruth 1-2

Tell kids to:

  • Form four groups. One group is in charge of all the popcorn, one of all the paper, one of all the boxes, and one of all the paint. Use your supplies to make grain paintings. Popcorn is a grain. You'll need to share your supplies to do this.
  • Each of you needs a cup and spoon. Fill each cup 1/4 full of unpopped popcorn. Add one spoonful of paint to each cup and stir until the kernels are coated.
  • Place one sheet of paper in each box. Pour the paint-coated kernels onto the paper and shake the box gently to create a design.
  • Remove your paper and pour your used kernels into a trash can. Continue this process until everyone has made a grain painting.

Talk teasers: How did it feel to work with other groups to accomplish your goal? Could you have made your picture if the other groups hadn't shared with you? Explain. How can you show the same kind of generosity at home or at school?

Say: "In Ruth 1-2, Boaz was generous to leave grain for Ruth. God blessed Boaz for his generosity. Whenever you see or eat grain, think of Boaz and remember to be generous."


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