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God Can Do All Things: Grades 5 and 6

Sheila Halasz and Susan Petty

1. Mission Impossible -- Before class, write each of the following clues on a different 3X5 card. Do not write the information in parentheses on the cards.

The clues:

His brothers plotted against him.

He was sold into slavery, but later became a king-Genesis 50:19-21 (Joseph).

This man listened to God's weather report and took action-Genesis 6:13-22 (Noah).

This man gave a new definition to bridge-work-Exodus 14:22-30 (Moses).

These two sisters didn't have to finish a funeral because they believed Jesus could perform a miracle-John 11:11-44 (Mary and Martha).

When kids arrive, read the following message in a secretive "spy" style (or tape it ahead of time): Your mission today is to find the impossible. In this room are hidden clues regarding people who've believed the impossible when the possible seemed improbable. And the impossible became probable. Should you decide to accept your mission today, you'll learn what it means to believe the impossible. This message will self-destruct in five seconds. (Make hissing destruction sounds.)

2. Impossible Hunt -- Form two teams. Give each team a Bible. Have one person from each team stand with you as their teammates go to the opposite end of the room. Give each team two of the cards prepared beforehand. Have teams each race to discover the people who believed the impossible. When teams each have discovered an answer, the team must run to their teammate standing by you and pantomime who the person is until their teammate guesses the person's name correctly.

After both teams have discovered both answers, say: These people had faith. Faith is believing that nothing is impossible. What is something impossible you need to believe that God can do?

3. Modern Miracles -- Have kids look for newspaper or magazine articles that portray seemingly impossible situations, such as epidemics, crime and violence, or natural disasters. As a group, define what "impossible" means.

Form groups of three and have groups each pray for God to work in these and their own "impossible" situations.

4. Miracle Snacks -- Serve kids various fruits. While kids eat, lead them in a discussion about the miraculous growth of fruit from seeds. Talk about how our faith starts out as a seed and grows.

5. Miracle Growth -- Go outside and plant a tree or flower bulbs. After the planting, read aloud Ephesians 3:14-21 as a closing prayer.

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