Games: Friendship Circle and Friendship Chain

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Kids will love playing these two friendship games at Sunday school, church, home or anywhere!

Friendship Circle

This game will build children’s self-esteem as they build friendships.

You’ll need one Hula Hoop and two large jars. For each child, you’ll need a Ping-Pong ball with his or her name written on it with a permanent felt-tip marker.

Place the Hula Hoop on the floor in the center of the room. Have the children sit around the Hula Hoop. Place the balls in one jar.

Choose one child to draw a ball from the container. Put the ball back in the second jar. Have that child step into the “Friendship Circle” and invite the child whose name is written on the ball to join him or her in the Friendship Circle.

After both children are in the circle, the first child tells three reasons the second child would be a good friend. The first child steps out of the circle and the second child draws another ball.

This process continues until every child has been in the Friendship Circle. There should be two children in the circle throughout the game.

A variation of this game is for the teacher to draw a ball, have that child stand by him or her, and tell three gifts from Jesus to that child. Continue this game until all the balls have been drawn.

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Patty Baker
Mesquite, Texas


Friendship Chain

Form teams of four. Have each team line up, then give the first person in each line a roll of crepe paper.

On “go,” each person with the crepe paper threads the paper around his head, across his chest, and around both legs. Then he hands the paper to the next person in line who does the same thing.

This process continues to the end of the line. If the paper breaks before all four children are connected, the team must begin again.

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