Game: Don’t Spill the Beans

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Beforehand, get two tongue depressors and two small plastic cups
(plastic communion cups or Dixie paper cups work best). Glue one
cup in the middle of each tongue depressor with the cup in an
upright position.

When you’re ready to play this game, form two teams. Have teams
form two lines facing each other. Give the first child in each team
a tongue depressor with the cup glued to it.

Fill each cup with beans and explain to the kids that they’re to
hold their hands behind their back while holding one end of the
tongue depressor in their mouth.*

Then have the first child in line pass the other end of the tongue
depressor to the next child in line without spilling any of the
beans and using only their mouth. Continue all the way down the
line to the last person.

If any beans are spilled, that team has to refill and start
over. The first team to pass the cup successfully to the end of the
line is the winner.

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After the game, read aloud Hebrews 6:11-15.

Then *ask: How did you feel as you played this game?
How important was patience to successfully complete this game?
Explain. How do you think Abraham felt when he had to wait for
God’s promises? What does the Bible promise us if we’re patient?
What’s one thing you can do to practice patience in your faith?

Sylvia Stevens
Lancaster, South Carolina

*If you’re worried about the possiblity of spreading germs,
change this from holding in their mouths to holding in their
hands. It’ll still be a challenge.Subscribetoday

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