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Game: Cooperative Musical Chairs

Children's Ministry Magazine

Musical chairs is a great game to use when teaching children's ministry kids the importance of sharing with one another. So, start the music and watch as your students learn the importance of helping one another.

Age-Level Insights: 6 to 9

Place one chair for each child in a circle, and have kids sit in the chairs. Use a CD player to provide music.

Say: When the music starts, everyone must get up and walk around the circle. When the music stops, everyone must find a seat. Anyone who can't find a seat must find someone who's willing to share his or her seat.

Each time you play music, remove one chair from the circle. Play until everyone is sharing a chair.

Afterward, ask: How did it feel to be without a seat? to share a seat? How did it feel to have a seat when someone else didn't? Were you willing to share? Why or why not? How did it feel when someone was willing to share with you? What do you think God wants us to do when we see others in need? when we're in need?

Lara Aston
Houston, Texas


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