Everything You Wanted to Know About Pokémon GO But Were Afraid to Ask


Have you noticed the recent posts about unexpected guests at churches last weekend as people were trying to collect Pokémon characters? Or pastors posting their surprise to learn their church is a Pokéstop?  Have you seen families light up as they talk about their united pursuit of the Pokémons hidden in your town? Are you a non-gamer or not an app fanatic and have no idea what the buzz is about? Read on!

“So everyone is shuffling around furiously swiping at their phones and bragging about their Vaporeon and you’re just sitting here like ‘What’s a Pokéball?’

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It’s okay. You’re in the trust tree. All of your Pokémon questions will be answered in time.
Long story short, Pokémon GO is a phone game that’s taking over people’s lives.
It’s an ‘augmented reality’ game that uses real-world aspects and overlays the magical, slightly deranged world of Pokémon in a thinly-veiled ploy to get people out of their houses and exercising for once.
More on that later. Let’s start from the very beginning…”
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Everything You Wanted to Know About Pokémon GO But Were Afraid to Ask
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