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The Easter season represents a time of sacrifice -- it's also a time to celebrate the joys in life, including family. Use this experience to encourage family members during Easter.

Have your family sit in a circle on the floor. Have one family member hold a ball of yarn and wrap a small portion of the yarn around his or her hand. Then the yarn holder can toss the yarn to another family member and say something encouraging, such as, "You're great at helping around the house" or "You're always honest with me." That person then wraps yarn around his or her hand and tosses the yarn to someone else, until each person has had a turn. Untangle the yarn web by tossing the ball backward, offering encouraging words to the same person who encouraged you. Save the ball of yarn to complete an encouragement web each night throughout the Easter season, and challenge your kids to extend their encouragement to friends at school during the day.

Julie White
Loveland, Colorado

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